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Charlie Jean Sartwelle

May 11 - June 20, 2023

Christ Church Cathedral

Cloister Gallery (Treebeards Restaurant)

1117 Texas Avenue

Houston, TX 77002

"Fly Away" is composed of artwork from several series of mixed-media collages completed over the past 20 years. Gulf Coast birds, exotic birds, and domestic chickens are favorites exhibited here. Working with gold and silver papers from China, plus others found in New York City’s and Houston’s China Towns give the work a foreign touch. With the geography of our imagination, we can begin exploring a new colorful landscape never seen before.


With Spring and Summer upon us, I am also exhibiting "Blooms Day", a series of three trees. Pear Tree, a favorite in my yard is in full bloom. Experimenting with materials is always my challenge. Using white lace on canvas and acrylic paint pear tree blooms are presented in a new way.


Another favorite collage, "Scarlet Ibis", representing vibrant red feathers was the challenge.  Experimenting with glitter gave me the effect I wanted. The Ibis red feather’s coloration is from eating quantities of shrimp. These collages came about after my trip to Trinidad-Tobago seeing the Ibis in flight.


"Cocks and Hens" are ink jet prints of original collages enlarged with intensified colors. Over the years, I have raised chickens in my backyard in the Shady Acres Heights enjoying their visual presence of different colored eggs, feathers, and behavior while working in my garden.


"Fly Away" home comes to mind while naming this exhibit. During the past few years, our homes have been a sanctuary during the pandemic.

Recently in a dream, I was flying across the world in a swing observing the beauty of it all: the ocean, sky and clouds, trees and birds, and then floating down to earth again. A confirming dream of flying away and coming home.

If you have any questions and/or are interested in purchasing artwork, please contact Charlie Jean Sartwelle at 713-398-4557,

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